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Opioid Odyssey

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OPIOID ODYSSEY shines clarifying light on the largely hidden but surprising truth of our much-discussed “opioid crisis.”   Whether it is a cousin, the son or daughter of a colleague, or a close neighbor who has fallen beneath the wave of opioid casualties, after completing OPIOID ODYSSEY you will understand the myriad causes of the crisis as well as the true bases of addiction itself.  Most important, you will share the profound and powerful stories of those who have traversed the opioid odyssey to a positive destination. 

Mass media ignore those who have fallen into a life of addiction and then, after marshalling their resources, have utilized skilled medical support to sustain a life of success and fulfillment.  But such individuals exist, and they are legion, and their moving and revealing stories provide reliable guidance along the path of recovery from opioid use disorder.  OPIOID ODYSSEY gives the reader all they need to know about this perplexing social, legal and medical issue, and illuminates a path toward a compassionate as well as pragmatic solution.

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Michael J. Murphy, Ed.D.
Michael J. Murphy, Ed.D., DFP

Dr. Michael J. Murphy is a poet, philosopher and psychologist. He received the Reilly Memorial Prize for creative writing as an undergraduate, was included in the original multi-million selling Chicken Soup for the Soul, and was awarded National Association of Newspaper Columnists Prize. He has published thousands of newspaper columns and essays relating to human interest and psychological themes.

Michael J. Murphy, Ed.D., DFP

He has been practicing as a psychologist in Massachusetts since 1985. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, the National Academy of Neuropsychologists, and the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders. Over the course of 25 years, Dr. Murphy has functioned as a director of a large community mental health center has supervised mental health services in correctional and community-based facilities and for the State of Vermont.

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