Vermont Department of Corrections

  • Chief of Mental Health Services from February 2015 to present. Senior management position involving oversight of all mental health services provided throughout the Vermont correctional system, comprised of seven discrete facilities.

Vermont Licensed Psychologist Provider

Post-Doctoral Certificate in Neuropsychology


  • Dr. Murphy trained under Dr. Elkonnon Goldberg, one of the most eminent theoreticians and researchers in the field of neuropsychology and has combined his neuropsychological training and his forensic practice to provide evaluations and court testimony pertaining to the role of brain-behavior relationships in alleged criminal actions; he has specialized in the role of neuropsychological factors in violent behavior, including murder cases.

Qualified Sex Offender Evaluator

  • Dr. Murphy completed many hundreds of sex offender evaluations as a chief psychologist at the Massachusetts Treatment Center for Sexually Dangerous Persons and has testified in more than one hundred Superior Court cases pertaining to possible sexual dangerousness of defendants or convicted sex offenders.

Fathering and Family Related Presentations

  • As the author of Tales of Fathering Dr. Murphy has presented widely on the role of fathers in socializing children and adolescents, and its relationship to patterns of maladaptive behavior as well as optimal functioning.

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