Easter Sunday 2021


Easter Morning, 2021

What a glorious day to be a human being!

Chosen to see upon this earth after so much struggle

The sun slants through the trees and slowly warms the ground

Birds sing high in the treetops, a crow caws its insistent sound

Have we suffered enough, is this at last the day to be reborn

In the deep awareness that all that has been done

All of it

Has been steps in our journey, our only way

To where we are right now?

Can we forgive ourselves and all others

In the true awareness that we are the same?

In the distance the waves roll once more upon the shore

Bringing with them all that they are, once more reminded

How we have struggled and strained

To be reborn, how we have learned and lost

And learned again. How we have stood naked

Creating the story of ourselves again

Wondering if this time we see truly.

But here we are with all our power and wisdom

However meager, however grand

The sands have formed themselves

By forces that are the same as us

And reorganize in the wind the same as us

And sink down to the bottom of the sea the same as us

Only to arise again in dance with some random tremor

The same as us

That shakes the sky, leaving only silence.

Now the birds are quiet in their home

And the earth is gleaming in the golden light

Illuminating all that can be or will be

Or will not be

And all that we are here to witness.

Yes, what a glorious day to be a human being!