My heart cries out into the void
Where all echo is consumed by space
And rising and falling is the same
A speck of light in the wide sky am I
Immersed in the dark sea of absence
Do all the other stars feel so similarly their solitude?
The pure breadth of being, of surrender
Left, in the end, with the simple fact
Of being Light, contributing one’s modicum of brilliance
To all that is and all that is not.

My heart cries out into the void
The simple weary soldier’s heart
Fatigued with all the endless marching
The sweaty bond with sacred purpose
When is there solace, when is there rest
When will the weary soldier’s heart
Be held close by as one with all?
Crawling through the dirt and stones
Mixed with water to create the mud of life
I see the moment’s sacred gleam
Reflected off the shard of rock
Into the silent heaven’s realm.

Yes, my heart cries out into the void
Knowing all that knowing knows
That light, pure light, could be so earnest
And plunged so deep in material pain
We see the light, yes, we receive it
Though it be no easy gift to take
To tarry there, alone and shining
For eons passing on the light again.
My heart cries out into the void
To join with all the other stars one day
When all the weary soldiers meet
When all the stars and clay are one
And shining’s not the lonely job
That God left for soldiers to be done.