The Cord

And when we have our hand upon the cord

That captures all we mean when we say Lord

That guides us always unerringly along our way

As we face the crossroads of our days

And look within to see what we believe

And witness as that which can be is conceived

The purity of moments we receive.

There is a knowing that all we do is right

That all we need is brought within our sight

And our feet will bring us where we need to go

Without a thought as to what we need to know

The breeze will cool our head and the sun warm our back

As we understand there is not a thing we lack

And all will come precisely in its time

And mine will be yours and also yours be mine

And we will stand alone but strong upon the peak

Home of the strong and also of the meek

And we will see the breadth of all we know

And all the places we have been and we will go

Knowing that the sacred path’s laid bare

Knowing we have all and all we share

When we walk in service of the Lord

And rest our hand securely on the Cord.