The Secret Law of Attraction – Implications


1)    Thoughts have consequences; thought is a form of energy and the quality of a thought determines the form of the energy.


2)    The mistaken differentiation of the “material” from the “spiritual” has resulted in a false dichotomy between the “mind” and the “body” that has in turn led to a mechanistic approach to the so-called “material world.”  This mistaken understanding of the nature of nature has resulted in destructive “environmental” policies that now threaten the entire biosphere, including humanity.  BTW, in relation to us, there is no “environment.”  We are the environment and the environment includes us.


3)    Mechanistic dualism is an illusion; the reality is that humanity continually participates in the creation of a conscious universe.


4)    So called “science” has at last concluded that everything, including ourselves, is at the most basic or fundamental level cosmic strings that vibrate in a manner (or tone) that is unique to that particular manifestation. Taken all together, this is the cosmic hum, or “aum” – birth, maintenance, destruction, and nothing (aka: rebirth). In other words, we are all the same. We are not similar nor do we simply share some characteristics and not others.  We are all the same vibrating strings that constitute the cosmic hum. We are one.


5)    Creation of an intention – whether positive or negative – by definition organizes energy in a manner consistent with that intention; literally, “energy flows where attention (or intention) goes.”


6)    Thus, the single unique quality that defines us as human beings is our ability, should we choose to accept it, to define the nature of our thoughts. We are the beings that possess the cerebral capacity to consider alternatives.  This has been understood for many thousands of years, from the ancient Indian Rishis to the Greek philosopher Democritus to contemporary cognitive-behavioral psychotherapists.


7)    The relinquishment of our capacity to determine our thoughts or intentions – that is, the choice to believe that our thoughts and intentions are externally determined – is to choose to surrender the single quality that defines us as human. To choose to believe that our understanding and awareness of reality is externally determined is to place ourselves on the level of “an animal” – a simple stimulus-response being. However much, at times, we may want to deny responsibility for our choices, whether in behavior or in thought (in forensic psychology this is called “externalization” and it is a frequent characteristic of criminal behavior), we cannot.  We may not always have the ability to do what we want, but we do retain the capacity to interpret things as we choose.  We may not in a linear way create the world, but we do play a key role in defining what the world means.


8)    Emotions – feelings – play an enormous role in influencing our choices about meaning as well as the power of our choices about meaning.  To a significant extent, emotions exist for the purpose of increasing our chances of survival by ensuring that certain images – forms of information – will be encoded in memory.  In short, we remember that which is important to us, experiences that are formative in establishing patterns – neural networks, known in cognitive psychology as “nets” – that will guide us in positive ways throughout our lives. When we face important decisions, do we make intelligent choices about risk, or are we impulsive?  Feelings – anxiety, fear, desire – serve to encode these choices in neural tissue, where they can be retrieved when necessary.  For better or worse, nearly all of us very clearly recall our initial sexual experiences; that is because those experiences probably involved deep and powerful emotions. We knew that what was occurring at that moment mattered – a lot.


9)    Therefore, a thought, or an intention, that is accompanied by powerful emotion will have significantly more organizational power.  “Organizational power” means the capacity to draw random energy from the universe and to impose upon it a certain structure that is consistent with an outcome that is desirable for you – getting a certain job or degree or relationship or health status or home or income or the opportunity to be of service to others.  If you attend to and foster that powerful feeling in your gut as you visualize the outcome you desire, all available energy will be drawn magnetically toward that outcome.  In the terms of physics, inertia or entropy will be reduced as, on an energetic level, a degree of order is imposed on disorder. In this way, with the combination of emotion and intention, that which is sought is on its way to being actualized. Then, ultimately, we create the world and so Tat Tvam Asi (“I am that”).


10) Therefore we must face the truth, for better and for worse – The world is our mirror.