They say that the heirs of the gods pass over these hills
And wiling through the trees and over the grasses and bush
Take in what is there to be had; and then
I for one am gifted to breathe it deep into my porous lungs, and from there
It rushes into my blood and down into my very soul,
Where it lives in me.
I vibrate with what has been before and elsewhere
With all that the gods have known and acquired
Through their storied journeys across the universe
And now offer freely through their very being.
How sad and mistaken is the man who finds himself alone.
Who builds of his heart a barrier to all that has been
And is and will be. Who states that what is most of himself is other
Who constructs of fearful intention a barrier.
In search of an illusory permanence, a strange and aberrant safety,
Who forgets that what is given is all he desires.
Look up into the grand bowl of the sky, sense the coolness of the grass
Beneath your feet; understand that it is and has been everywhere
Understand that by your mere breath you form a unity
That can never be undone.