Let us not think about debilitation and death
First thing in the morning
First, take a long pee
And notice the creeping, cracking brilliance of the dawn
Beneath the windowshade
Hear the first echoing cawing of the crows
Peering down at the damp grass
Understand that the sweet blonde from the Post Office
Is breaking an egg over a well-greased warm pan
And thinking of you
Let us not think about debilitation and death
About the myriad twistings of synaptic occlusion
About the bursitis and intestinitis and tinnitus and sinusitis
That ten thousand hard-lived days
May have visited upon your still-vibrant frame
Let us not think about the crashed cars, the brief end runs
Concluded with a blinding flash
The lost marriages, the children
Loved and held and then surrendered, the houses
Scraped and painted and carpeted and sold
In search of survival for all, the cars
Shoved along a narrow lane on a winter’s morning
After watching the E for a moment too long
Let us dance with the generous gods as the dawn
Breaks over the wide sea, and the morning’s wind
Clears away with a breath all the dust of death
And leaves you standing for one moment more
Before the unlimited tapestry of the horizon.