What do I want?
I want only to relax into the shared experience of now
With you
Feel your warm breath on my cheek
Inhale the scent of your hair
Feel the weight of your hand against my back
Place my hand on the curve of your spine
Move slowly around to your belly
And up, up to your ribs
To blend and unify into the moment that is us
As if we were meant to be.
We can play each other like instruments
I can touch you, with words or fingers
And you respond, vibrating in the truth
Of the moment that is now.
Are we agitating ourselves
Seeking a hypothetical past that
Never invented, cannot be retrieved?
Digging deep to mine a chimera?
Can we miss a past that,
According to the official records
Never was?
Across the immeasurable eons
And decades and rural roads
We have found our way to each other
For whatever it is worth
We are guided here, by a power
Greater even than us
What is there, now, in our expectant hands
Was always there
Now, waiting, perhaps with a bit of impatience
To relax as one into the shared experience of now.