Was I not put here to enact all that has been placed within me?

To present to the eyes of God some slim aspect that has not yet been realized?

To discern and follow the path that has been provided

Traversing hard rock faces, falling to unknown pools

Crawling when necessary, sprinting just ahead of annihilation

Continuing when persistence appears impossible

Never fully resting, never fully still

Is this not how God learns about himself?


Am I not but another manifestation of the mind of God?

Another revolving diamond, glinting a new color with each shift

Questioning, as humanoids will, the reasons, the purpose, the future

Attempting, as humanoids will, to walk on God’s territory

To extend consciousness beyond that which is given

To own the garden, rather than “merely” regaling in it

Is this not how a human being is divided?

How the child of God leaves home and gains great distance?


And is not this terrible division necessary?

This distancing, for God to see himself, to know himself

To witness his limitless forms and phenomena?

God used the first couple and their garden

To gain the detachment necessary to comprehend

For God wanted not only to be, but also to know of his being

Thus humanity was born, generated as sinner/martyrs

Each of us toiling to teach God who we are.